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At APEX Backcountry Guides, our lifestyle 
is our brand.

Explore Chilean ski culture and the Andes with certified guides who are passionate about skiing and snowboarding.

What drives us

Floating through forests and rocketing down peaks on a soft blanket of snow where the only sound is that of the wind across our ears and the flapping of our jackets. Finding what gems are beyond the next bend in the mountains or on the other side of the peak being climbed. The joy of sharing smiles and stories of the incredible lands we roam. The simple moments in the mountains where time time has no roll. Views that stay within the soul long after the day is gone. The freedom to explore where the pumas and liebres roam. Observing condors flying over head or calmly perched on the mountainside. The natural wonders of the world and the splinters of time that sintered into my being while painting lines in the mountains. Nothing is more pure than playing in natures snowscape with the frivolity of an adolescent. It's what keeps us young!

Blessed by the rhythm of our lives and the choices we have made along this journey. The friends we have come to know through our passion for the mountains and for the ways that we better the lives of one another. Powder days shared with friends as well as the solo days when an inner voice leads us in the pursuit of a perfect harmony created while floating on white velvet landscapes. The moments in which we sync with the universe as condors soar overhead or as fading rays of light brush the sky with vivid bliss.  

Create lifelong friendships while ripping pow turns ski touring and splitboarding

Heightening those sensations is the pleasure of sharing them with others and witnessing
transformative changes in our guests.

Get in on the magic with us!

 We are boundless in our pursuit of customer elation with complete respect given to the mountains, the Gods, and the caretakers of the lands on which we tread. We look forward to serving you! 

Backcountry Guided Tours with the Best Guides in Chile.


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