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Read the stories that make the APEX experience unique.

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What makes APEX stand out

APEX Backcountry Guides combines the South American warmth with Gringo standards, good enough isn't in our vocabulary. From its inception we have put an emphasis on the individualized needs of each guest providing perfectly catered experiences that you just can't find anywhere else. To accomplish this we focus on small groups and we also get to know our guests intimately before mixing them.

From the door to door service and hand crafted lunches to the time our guides spend improving your techniques of ascension you will feel the passion that our highly experienced team exudes. APEX outings are adapted to your desires allowing you to push your limits under the guidance of our pros or just enjoy the experience of making turns in Jurassic settings. Our five star rating is indicative of our level of service, check out the link below to see what our guests have had to say!

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