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Plan with confidence using our experience and pro tips.

Flying Solo

Welcome lone wolves and solitary butterflies! You may wander or fly in alone but you'll leave with friends for a lifetime. Our personalized services can be maximized to their fullest extend when our guides are given the opportunity to cater a day to your desires. Be blessed with a one on one guided experience or get lucky with a newfound group of friends in the backcountry. You'll be glad you came through!

Talk with us today.

  • APEX has a standard pricing matrix meaning you get a higher value as a soloist.

  • The experience has always held a higher value than anything to the founders of APEX and they are happy to continue running personalized outings because it truly is the best experience to be had in the mountains. 

  • Depends on guide availability. Built on the premise of knowing our guests before mixing them often allows you to find a solo day in the mountains with our pros before you are ever grouped. 

Lodge Ruta 181

It's the conversation as much as the destination that makes many trips into memorable moments in life. Find atmosphere and amigos in a social setting that has all of the amenities of home but without the chores.  Private, double, or quad rooms give you options on prices with access to kitchens and communal areas. The wax and gear room will give you space to tune your kit and get your boots dry from day to day. You'll also be able to mix it up in the 181 Bar. Legend has it that if you show up with a license plate from your home state the owners of APEX Backcountry Guides will personally hand you a bottle of fine aged Pisco...    

Like Minded Souls

Far from the beaten path but exactly where you should be. The South of Chile is know for its friendly and communal culture where smiles are shared and hugs are returned with sincerity. Those that didn't grow up here were drawn here for two reasons, community and unfettered access to the mountains. 

Backcountry Guided Tours with the Best Guides in Chile.


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