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Volcano Lonquimay.HEIC

The Originals

Signature program

Classics never loose their Charm

The Original Backcountry Splitboarding and Skiing adventures upon which APEX Backcountry Guides built its name and reputation. These day trips can be stacked together to create a custom itinerary or used separately to compliment your lifestyle of seizing the moment and savoring it forever!

Foundations of our APEX

These are the original experiences that grew our fan base and formed loyal customers who return year after year for life enriching adventures!

Who is this for?

Those looking to max out their Chilean ski vacation with unique quick hits in the Araucanía backcountry. 


Cruiser to Expert/Pro

Backcountry Fun & Ride

Excellent backcountry Freeskiing and Freeriding tours that will leave you wanting more of APEX's unique routes and exceptional experiences.

4 Guests : 1 Guide 

6 Guest Max 


60% mountains, 40% trees


6hrs. on snow + transport


Expert to Pro 

Sierra Summit to Tubs

The Sierra Nevada Stratovolcano is host to one of our most exclusive offerings. You'll top out a volcano with unbridled views and drop 4600 vertical feet to the hot springs.

4 Guests : 1 Guide 

6 Guest Max Private Group


75% mountains, 25% trees


Full Day


Advanced to Expert/Pro

APEX Alpine Experience

Alpine Starts and Big Objectives with an all in style. Sunup until sundown for a full day in the mountains backed by two guides on every outing. Bring your headlamp!

1-3 Guests

2 Guides


60% mountains, 40% trees


Extended Full Day up to 16hrs

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Classic Ski Touring and Splitboarding in Andes of Chile

Let's cut to the chase and have a real live conversation. We're happy to hear from you!

Top Rated Ski Tours and Splitboard Tours South America.

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