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Backcountry Readiness

We want you to have the time of your life with us in Chile and we're sure that you will so long as you are honest with yourself and us as to your current capabilities. To fully reap the rewards of this dream you will want to confidently answer YES to the following statements.


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Basic Parameters
  • Your muscle and cardio fitness are in good shape allowing you to sustain a consistent pace, speed is not as important as knowing your rhythm and being able to maintain it with breaks when necessary. Being able to walk six mile in 2 to 3 hours is a good indicator.

  • Maybe your technique isn't perfect but you are able to efficiently navigate groomed  terrain on black diamond runs and moguls on blue square terrain. 

  • Powder turns might be separated by sections of snow that are crusted, heavy, chundery, cruddy, or deep with flat light or low visibility at times. You understand that these conditions exist in winter but can overcome them at your own pace.

  • At times you will be guided in trees or steep alpine terrain. This may be due to storm cycles or stability concerns related to avalanche risks. You don't need to have a great amount of experience in these types of terrain but must be comfortable making short dynamic turns while maintaining ski or board contact with the snow.

  • Due to the difference in season it is recommended that a physical exercise routine is maintained in preparation for your summer skiing riding trip to South America.

  • Start planning then! Still not sure? We've got the answers and the helpers to get you on track, reach out anytime! WhatsApp 

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