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Plan with confidence using our experience and pro tips.

Group Planner

Wherever you go you rally the troops and prime the pumps. Maybe you do it on the low or maybe you're the loud one that everyone flocks toward. Fact is you make things happen and we want to recognized for your people moving talents.

20% Discount 

You put them in our seats and we want to reward you! Share and share alike or just treat yourself to whatever your heart desires.

  • 20% discount on your place in all activities

  • 20% discount on massages

  • 20% discount on APEX merchandise

  • 20% discount on rentals

  • 20% discount at the 181 Bar

  • Free Hot-Wax

  • Extra Goodies in Programs Welcome Pack

  • Gift Certificate to Demarca Sport Malalcahuello​

Contact us for complete details.

The Catch

Bring your besties bring your bros, bring your family and the people you know. Adventures in far away lands create powerful bonds and vibrant memories when shared with backcountry pals. Motivate 5 of your closest compadres for a South American shred fest to capture the savings and inspire great times in the Araucanía Region of Chile this year! 

The Surprise 

For a limited time only we are offering a 20% discount on the entire package for Backcountry Fun & Ride Programs of 6 guests.

Simply put that's a free All-Inclusive trip plus enough left over for a flight from the states to the Araucanía.  


You plus 5 friends equals a savings of over $5,000!


Your backcountry escape is waiting


Backcountry Guided Tours with the Best Guides in Chile.


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