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Plan with confidence using our experience and pro tips.

Getting to APEX

Whether you arrive by plane, car, or bus we have the tips that will ensure your transition to the mountains is free of hiccups. You can alleviate the thought process after you gather your bags at the airport with our shuttle service or you can rent a car if you enjoy driving.  

Santiago International Airport (SCL), also known as Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport is the most common entry point, from here you may rent a car and drive or connect to close the distance before transitioning to land based travel.

Araucanía Airport (ZCO), also known as Temuco Airport will be your final destination to which and there are 4 daily flights from Santiago to Temuco, operated by Latam and Sky Airlines. Selecting "A" seats on your inbound flight will give you fantastic views of the Andes range during the hour long flight.

Heli-taxi to Malalcahuello during July and August available, let us know when you book and make a spectacular entry with this upgrade.

Arriving by Air


Arrive by car from Santiago Airport (SCL), with a distance of 709 km / 440 miles to Malalcahuello with toll fees near $25.000CLP($30us). Upon leaving the Santiago airport take the Ruta 70 to Autopista Central/Autopista Gral. Velasquez to Ruta 5 Sur to Victoria, where you will take Ruta 181 and continue to Curacautin then to Malalcahuello. **The Ruta 181 has numerous tight and even hairpin turns, drive with caution especially in rain and snow conditions. Be alert for potholes and truckers!


Arrive by car from Puerto Montt, with a distance of 470km / 292 miles to Malalcahuello with toll fees near $15.000CLP($16us). Take Panamericana Sur/Ruta 5 North toward Temuco until the town of Lautaro take S-11 to Curacautin followed by the 181 to Malalcahuello**S-11 and Ruta 181 have extremely tight curves, drive with caution according to road conditions especially in rain and snow. Be alert for potholes and truckers!   

Arriving by Land

Fly in to Santiago International Airport (SCL) then connect to Araucanía Airport, we'll greet you coming out the door and take everything from there!

  • The most common arrival method is the fastest and smoothest

    • All-Inclusive programs must arrive before 12:00pm 

    • Book airport shuttle with anticipation

    • Bring your boots as a carryon to ensure they arrive.

    • Book "A" and "F" seats respectively for mountain views for arrival and departure 

  • Enjoy the drive and the experience of going where you've never been on your own schedule.

    • Reserve rental cars with anticipation

    • Your foreign drivers license is all you need

    • Have Chilean pesos (CLP) to pay tolls

    • Renting a 4X4 is highly recommended

    • Verify that the 4X4 is working properly and tires are good

    • If you plan to leave to another country with rental car make sure you have all papers required before leaving airport

    • Cops make random stops on vehicles, Waze can help keep you aware

    • Be very cautious during rain storms, HYDROPLANING is common

    • Be aware of buses and truckers

    • Fuel up in Curacautin, there are no gas stations in Malalcahuello

    • Be aware of potholes, they can cause flat tires (very common)

  • Buses can be a great way to travel Chile on the cheap, just be flexible and understand that it can complicate your logistics to some degree.

    • Book in advance on Websites

    • Turbus has direct routes from Santiago to Lonquimay and can drop you in Malalcahuello

    • Bio-Bio and Pullman connect through Temuco

    • If you miss your connection rural buses can help you make it to Malalcahuello 

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