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Plan with confidence using our experience and pro tips.

Being Prepared

GET FIT TODAY! It's the number one thing you should be doing to maximize the trip of a lifetime.

Stacking vertical day after day requires physical preparation that starts months in advance by building a strong base. We recommend working with a personal trainer to begin with to ensure that you're making gains rather than doing damage.

Maintain discipline throughout the months and weeks leading up to your trip. By setting the tone early on you will be sure to get down here in great shape so as to not get gassed on the first days. Don't make the mistake of thinking you'll be fine with just a couple of easy weeks training before your flight.  

Reaping Rewards
    • Waterproof breathable jacket

    • Waterproof breathable pants

    • Soft shell jacket

    • Puffy jacket

    • Touring boots

    • Snowboard boots

    • Skins

    • Splitboard

    • Bindings

    • Touring skis

    • Ski poles (adjustable style poles if possible)

    • Crampons

    • Ski crampons to fit appropriate bindings

    • Beanie Winter hat

    • Sun hat

    • Sunglasses with dark lenses and good coverage

    • Goggles

    • Waterproof breathable gloves

    • Lightweight fleece gloves

    • Thermos

    • Water bottle or MSR Bladder-style water systems are preferred due to durability

    • Lightweight and medium weight base layers or long underwear

    • Backpack (approximately 30-40 liters)

    • Extra Ski/Snowboard socks

    • Casual clothing for around the lodge

    • Light workout clothes 

    • Bathing suit for hot tub/sauna

    • Indoor shoes, sandals or slippers

    • Winter boots of a waterproof variety

    • Optional items: alarm clock, camera, electronics, chargers, voltage converter

    • Though we do not require helmets on many of our outings it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that guests bring helmets that are lightweight and breathable. 


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